Residential school student dribbling past a defenderResidential school student dribbling past a defender
BBFS Residential Academy

Admissions Open for 2022

BBFS' Residential Academy is an elite academy for aspiring footballers to receive specialized training while also pursuing their education. The academy is a place to nurture gifted players, provide the right playing opportunities and groom the next generation of top footballers in the country.

Admission process starts from Contacting the team, attending orientation, visiting the school and ends with enrolment.Admission process starts from Contacting the team, attending orientation, visiting the school and ends with enrolment.

A Secure Campus for Student Athlete Development

In light of the current coronavirus crisis, BBFS Residential Academy has created a safe and secure campus for students and staff. With regular monitoring of vitals and limited outsider interaction, a secure bio-bubble is created on-campus for safety of all resident athletes.

  • Testing of all staff and players on-campus
  • Quarantine zone for new entrants
  • Daily measurement of vitals
  • Regular sanitisation of complete campus
  • Masks worn by academy staff at all times
  • Precautionary isolation in case of illnesses
  • Limited outside interaction

Premium Facilities On-Campus

Facilities include Smart classrooms,
Smart Classrooms
Health Centre
Health Centre
Fitness Centre
Fitness Centre
Swimming Pool
Access to swimming Pool
Natural turf
Multimedia room
A/V Multimedia Rooms
In-house Tutoring
Recreation room and multi-sport facilities
BBFS Residential Academy student pathway involves U11, U13, U15, U18 teams and lastly starting a professional Football Career

Player Development Pathway

Professional Football Career

Chance for a professional contract Garhwal FC; Chance to play professionally with ISL and I-League Clubs; Assisted university admissions with sports scholarships

BBFS Residential Academy U18 Team

Competitive exposure in AIFF Youth League U18, 2nd Division I-League, India U19 Camp and Nationals

BBFS Residential Academy U15 Team

Competitive exposure in AIFF Youth League U13, pro and semi-pro competitions like SGFI Cup, India U14 Camp and Nationals

BBFS Residential Academy U11 & U13 Teams

Competitive exposure in AIFF Youth League U13, pro and semi-pro competitions like Subroto Cup, India U14 Camp and Nationals

Grooming professional players by excellent training, academics, focus on health, fitness & accomodation and discipline.

An Integrated Program to Groom Professional Players of the Future

An Integrated Program to Groom Professional Players of the Future

  • The program combines high intensity training practices within a scientifically planned curriculum to deliver training sessions that ensure each player develops his skills and physicality in the right manner
  • Quarterly player evaluations that focus on technical, tactical, physical, psychological and social factors
  • Match analysis sessions for theoretical and strategic learning
  • The program integrates high quality education along with excellence in football
  • Attention is given to academic balance along with training
  • Students have access to remedial classes and additional tutoring in required subjects
  • Player fitness is monitored through strength and conditioning sessions with focus on diet and nutrition
  • Access to fully equipped gym and swimming pool
  • Physiotherapist ensures the optimum physical condition of all players and coordinates players’ rehabilitation in the event of injuries
  • Regular tests and analysis are conducted to monitor each player’s health and fitness metrics, and to measure their growth
  • The aim of the residential school is to create an environment where students feel at-home
  • Safe campuses secured 24/7 by security personnel
  • Well-equipped recreation room, study area, cafeteria and convenient laundry facilities
  • We aim to provide each student with the same level of care that he would expect while living with his parents
  • Equipped and staffed infirmary on campus
  • In-house physiotherapist to oversee injury recovery and rehabilitation
  • The schools have a collaboration with the nearest local hospital for any medical emergencies or cases of serious illness
  • Menus are carefully planned by a licensed nutritionist to ensure that the players receive a balanced diet that suits their physical needs.
  • Quality food is provided and variety is maintained to cater to the diverse audience that we house.
  • Meals are served at regular timings in a clean and hygienic cafeteria


A Safe and Nurturing Environment for Players to Grow

BBFS Residential Academy provides all the necessary facilities for a young player to feel comfortable, empowered and activated on a daily basis. Both campuses of BBFS Residential Academy are spacious and fully equipped with state of the art training facilities.

BBFS Residential Academy - Bangalorewith Maharishi Vidya Mandir
BBFS Residential Academy - Maharashtrawith Barnes School and Junior College
BBFS Residential Academy - Delhi NCRwith Vedas International School
BBFS Residential Academy - Keralawith Peevees Public School