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BBFS in Europe

Copa Foot 21

BBFS participated in the Copa Foot 21, International Youth Football Tournament held in Algarve, Portugal from the 24th of June to the 30th of June 2012. This was the first international tournament the club participated in and was a big step forward for the development of young footballers enrolled in the academy.

This was the 5th edition of the tournament, which fielded some big names in Portuguese Football; the youth teams of clubs such as Sporting de Braga, Benfica and FC Porto in the different age categories.

The teams representing BBFS participated in two age categories - Under 10s and Under 13s in this highly rated tournament. The club went head to head with the youth teams of some Portuguese football powerhouses with matches played against the likes of Sporting Lisbon (the club that kick started the careers of Luis Figo, Cristiano Ronaldo and Luis Nani) and Faro EF.

Italy Cup 2012

BBFS visited the coastal town of Rimini to participate in the Under 16 age category of the Italy Cup 2012. The club’s participation in this tournament represented a huge leap forward in terms of competitive exposure for our young footballers between the ages of 14 and 16.

As a first time participant in an international tournament, the team performed admirably against some big names in international youth football ranging from the United States all the way to Eastern Europe (Poland and Sweden). Winning 2-0 against Vaster, IF (Sweden) was the highlight of the tournament for BBFS with losses against other teams extremely close affairs.